Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital

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The Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital

Rambam Health Care Campus has always fostered a multidisciplinary approach toward patient care. This is particularly critical for cardiovascular diseases. For the first time at Rambam, heart patients will benefit from having all clinical and surgical treatments and healthy living programs—including patient counseling and rehabilitation—available under one roof—the Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital.
There will also be dedicated space for research and education. By placing opportunities for ongoing professional development, hands-on clinical research, and full service patient care in one central facility—cardiovascular care at Rambam will become a center of reference for the nation.
Safe and Secure
The new hospital completes Rambam’s vision for the safety and security of our patients and staff. The bottom three floors will be fully fortified against conventional and unconventional warfare—a critical component in these unsure times.
An above-ground enclosed corridor will connect all major facilities on the West Campus to enable indoor patient transport between buildings—for the first time in Rambam’s history.

Naming Opportunities​

Naming opportunities are available for entire floors, department, units, rooms, and medical equipment.

For more information, send an email to [email protected].​​

Each donation is deeply appreciated and appropriately recognized.
Your gift will literally better the hearts of Northern Israel's people who are
affected by cardiovascular disease.