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Important Information for Patients

Are you planning on visiting Rambam Health Care Campus? We are certain you will want to know how to get here.

By train, by bus, or by car, we have you covered.

Forgot a gift for someone, or need to catch a meal?

Looking for an important phone number?

All these services and more are available. Just scroll down this page to find the information you need.

   Catching a Bus to Rambam

The Bat Galim Bus Station is located a to five-ten minute walk from the hospital entrance. Taxis are available outside the bus station.

All buses listed below have a stop in Bat Galim near Rambam Health Care Campus.

Bus Line Starting Point
115, 123, 132, 133 Hof Carmel Bus Station
1, 16, 101, 115 MaMifratz Bus Station
11, 46, 101, 123, 132, 133, 136, 137, 146 Horev Center/Carmel Center
11, 24, 46, 101, 123, 132, 133, 137, 146, 224 Haifa University
16, 76, 77, 101, 123, 144, 145 Grand Canyon
1, 16, 28, 76, 77, 101, 123, 144, 145 Neve Sha'anan
1, 3, 11, 110, 112, 115 Hadar
Metronit (Silver Bus) Starting Point
2 HaMifratz Bus Station

For additional bus information, see the website of Egged Bus Lines, which includes information in English and Russian.

Train Information

Taking a Train to Rambam

The Bat Galim train station is located a 5-10 minute walk from the entrance to Rambam. Taxis are available outside the station (but it is easier to walk to Rambam).

For additional information, visit the English website for Israel Railways.

Taxi Information

Getting a Taxi at Rambam

A taxi station is located inside the hospital grounds across from the Emergency Room. Taxis can also be taken from the bus/train station in Bat Galim.

Tel: 04-866-2525 or *2424 | Available 24/7

Rambam Map Rambam Map

You may want to have an idea of where exactly your appointment is (building, location on the campus, etc.), once you arrive at Rambam.

 Driving To and Parking at Rambam

For the most accurate driving instructions, we recommend that you use WAZE on your smartphone. Just look for "Rambam Medical Center" in English.


A three level underground parking lot with 1,300 parking spaces is available at the entrance to Rambam Health Care Campus.

There are several elevators from the underground hospital to the hospital campus. In all cases, you should get off on Level 0 (ground level). Be sure to remember which level you have parked on (-1, -2, or -3), and where you parked your car.

The underground parking lot is open 24/7.


Payment is made prior to departing from the parking lot. Please use the payment machines located in the elevator lobby (located outside of the Sammy Ofer Tower), on Level 0.

  • Up to 15 minutes in the parking lot: Free
  • First hour or part thereof: NIS 20
  • Every additional 15 minutes: NIS 4
  • Maximum daily payment for one-time entry: NIS 39

You may also make a parking subscription:

  • Weekly subscription: NIS 180
  • Monthly subscription: NIS 700

Patient Services and Important Info at Rambam

Simultaneous Translation

The hospital provides a telephone information center of the Ministry of Health that provides simultaneous translation in the following languages: Russian, Arabic, French, and Amharic. This translation service is free.

Hours of Operation

Sunday-Thursday:  8 am - 8 pm
Friday and Erev Hag: 8 am - 1 pm

To receive this service please ask a Rambam team member in the department where you are receiving care.

Important Phone


Information 04-777-2222

Make an Appointment *5324 or 04-777-3568

Poison Control Center 04-777-1900

Emergency Room 04-777-3300

Pediatric Emergency Room 04-777-4013

Pregnancy Emergency 04-777-2315


Patients, family members, or the general public may contact  us with a question, thank you, appreciation, request, complaint regarding the service or treatment provided at the hospital, and/or suggestions for quality improvement. To do so, please contact the Director of Quality of Service and Patient Relations, Dr. Talia Berman-Kishony, Advocate.
Contact Information

Phone: 04-777-1421
Fax: 777-1240 | 04-777-2907
E-mail: [email protected]

For formal complaints about service or treatment given to you as a patient at the hospital, please refer in writing only to the Patient Ombudsman, Professor Amos Etzioni at: [email protected]

For telephone inquiries, or to leave a message for either representative, call: 04-777-2369

Postal Address:
           Rambam Health Care Campus
           PO Box 9602
           Haifa  3109601


Yad Sarah is a non-profit organization that provides medical equipment for sale or rental at very reasonable prices. Items such as crutches, walkers, inhalation devices, mattresses for prevention of bed sores, wheel chairs, blood pressure devices and more can be obtained from this organization.

Their office on the Rambam Campus is located near the outpatient clinics.

Hours of Operation

Sunday-Thursday: 10 am - 11:45 am
Fridays: 10: am - 1:45 pm

Phone: 04-850-7926


A private nurse can be hired via an authorized nursing service. For more details, contact the head nurse of the department where you or your family member is hospitalized.


For your service two ATM machines are available on the Rambam campus. They are located in the Sagol shopping center and inside the entrance of the Joseph Fishman Oncology Center.


A free wireless (WIFI)  serice is available inside the hospital.

Simply connect to Rambam-Free. No password is required.


The Sagol (purple) shopping center is located inside the Sammy Ofer Tower (main building on the Rambam campus, providing a variety of useful stores and services.

Services include:

- Fast food and restaurants
- Pharmacy
- Optical, shoe, and orthopedic stores
- Clothing and linen stores
- Mini-market
- Mobile store
- Books, toys, and candy stores


Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 am-8:00 pm
Fridays: 9:00 am to one hour before the beginning of the Sabbath

An arts and crafts bazaar is held every Wednesday in the shopping mall


Rambam Health Care Campus respects people of all religions. If you have a specific faith-based need that is in conflict with your medical care, please talk to the head nurse where you are hospitalized to get the infomrmation needed to help you.
For the convenience of patients, staff, and guests, a synagogue is located in the Sammy Ofer Tower on the first floor, and a  Muslim prayer room is located outside of the Sagol shopping center near the Meyer Building (leave the shopping center, turn left towards the Meyer building, and note the sign near a stairwell pointing you to the prayer room).
Only kosher food is served to patients, under the supervision of the hospital's rabbi.


A branch of the post office is located inside the Sagol shopping center.

Sunday-Thursday:  8:30 am - 5:00 pm


During your hospitalization you can rent a television via the Mediphone Company.

Telephone: 04-777-2121

An information desk is located in the lobby of the Sammy Ofer Tower. Manned by volunteers, you can get directions there for finding your way around the hospital.

Hours of operation: Sun-Thurs, 9 am to 3 pm