Clinical Research
& Big Data

Clinical Research
& Big Data

Huge efforts have been made to create valid, complete and accurate standardized data. Since a large share of the data is entered by humans and is therefore susceptible to error, Dr. Almog and her team constantly seek to validate the data in order to ensure that answers to queries will be as precise as possible. They ensure that different types of medical data are entered correctly and proactively identify potential problems, using data cleaning techniques to look for mistakes.


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Clinical Research

Clinical research has always been a top priority at Rambam, with thousands of completed clinical trials and research achievements that include first-in-the-world and first-in-Israel medical treatments and devices.
The hospital’s dedicated Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit is driven by vast cumulative experience and expertise in all clinical specialties, and boasts highly trained medical investigators, nurses, and research coordinators, as well as topnotch facilities.

The Unit enjoys access to a genetically diverse healthy subject population, and high healthy volunteer recruitment and retention.
Clinical Research

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