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Hematology Clinical Trials

Rambam’s large and well-respected Hematology Clinical Trials Unit carries out hundreds of trials every year on innovative treatments for hematologic malignancies such as lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma, as well as new therapy protocols for bone marrow transplant. The unit was established in 1996 and is highly experienced in all phases of clinical trials, with special expertise in Phase II and Phase III trials and post marketing trials. The highly skilled staff comprises 20 senior hematologists, many of whom have a global reputation, as well as a dedicated nursing staff and a dozen trial coordinators.
Rambam’s Hematology Clinical Trials Unit is the largest in northern Israel and serves as a hub for all hematology-related trials in the entire North. All the smaller medical centers in the region refer their patients to Rambam when the available therapies are not effective anymore. Rambam enables these patients to take part in Phase I clinical trials, giving them the chance to receive innovative treatments that can produce positive outcomes. The participants in the trials reflect a diverse population of local residents, as well as “medical tourists” from abroad.

Rambam has over 25 years of experience carrying out bone marrow transplants, and its high level of expertise with this procedure – including innovative CAR T-cell therapy – is valuable for many of the clinical trials. Moreover, the excellent facilities available to the unit are an important advantage: three hospital wards are dedicated to hematology patients, including one with ICU standard of care, and all the necessary imaging equipment and labs are available on the premises, including PET-CTs, MRIs, lung function testing, etc.

Well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies are among those that regularly choose to conduct hematology clinical trials at Rambam. In addition, the unit serves a large range of entrepreneurs, medical start-ups and researchers, including in-house investigators from Rambam. The unit frequently collaborates with other hospitals in Israel and around the world, and also works closely with ECOG.

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