Department of Urology

תמונה ראשית - אורולוגיה

Department of Urology

The Department of Urology provides diagnosis, consulting, and treatment of urinary tract diseases in men and women, as well as of male reproductive disorders. The department staff includes senior physicians and residents trained in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases including kidney stones, urinary tract cancer, benign prostate diseases, and congenital urinary tract malformations.

The department provides a full range of urology surgical procedures, with the most advanced equipment and imaging technologies at its disposal. Stone diseases are treated using the Dornier HM3—the most efficient lithotriptor commercially available. Endoscopic procedures such as PCNL and ureteroscopy are performed by our endourology specialists utilizing first line endoscopes, laser devices, and visual systems. The department also performs all traditional open procedures.

The department offers comprehensive evaluation for people with benign prostate disorders. Benign prostate surgeries are performed with saline resectoscopes, effectively eliminating TURP complications during prostate evaporation.

The department also provides biopsy and diagnostics of prostate cancer using a designated sonar system. Subsequent treatment is available via a variety of surgical options and internal radiation-brachytherapy.

Diagnosis and treatment of infertility is provided by a multidisciplinary team in cooperation with Rambam’s Gynecology Infertility Unit. A pediatric urology service is also available in the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital.