General Information

The Youdim Family Prize for Excellence in Cancer Research is awarded to an individual based solely on the merits of the research. Awarded annually, the prize is for a total of US$20,000. As of 2021, two additional prizes of USD $2,500 each will be awarded to cancer research PhD students who are in the final stages of their degree at an Israeli academic institution.

To be considered for the prize, the research must be in one of the following areas:

  • Basic Research: Understanding processes that cause or prevent cancer at the molecular, cellular or organism level; developing drugs or treatments against cancer
  • Pre-clinical Research: Not yet approved for human trials, aimed at gaining knowledge in the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cancer or research in the rehabilitation of cancer patients
  • Epidemiological Research: Focusing on causes for cancer in whole populations, including molecular epidemiological research and research into interactions of genes with the environment
  • Clinical Research: Applying research discoveries in humans or human tissue for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of cancer of the individual or of the population


The Call for Nominations is now closed