The Ofakim (Horizons) Research Program


for young specialists

The Ofakim (Horizons) research Program for young Specialists

The Ofakim  Research Program (The Horizons in English ) supports promising young clinicians at the beginning of their medical and research career, by covering the expenses related to meritorious research proposals.
The Horizons Program, is directed at opening new horizons in pre-clinical and clinical research for specialists with a maximum of 5 years after finish residency.

Research proposals are reviewed by a scientific committee composed of members of the hospital staff, as well as external review. Each awardee is expected to complete their research project within two years, although in exceptional cases a third year of research may be approved.
The call for proposals is once a year, in June, and the submission takes place through Rambam intranet.

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The Ofakim (Horizons) research Program for young Specialists

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