Psychiatry & Mental Health Divison

תמונה ראשית-אגף בריאות הנפש

Psychiatry & Mental Health Division

The Psychiatry and Mental Health Division is made up of an inpatient ward, a day treatment unit, an ambulatory outpatient services, a child and adolescent psychiatry service, and consultation-liaison services.

The division provides diagnostic and treatment services for all psychiatric disorders in a wide range of settings. The treatment model is eclectic, and includes state-of-the-art biological treatments and various forms of individual and group psychotherapy with a focus on short-term and evidence-based interventions. Clinical areas of activity include diagnosis, planning and provision of appropriate treatment including psychotherapeutic treatment, pharmacotherapy, and rehabilitation oriented treatments.

Treatment is intensive and is provided by a multi-professional team under the responsibility of case managers and a personal psychiatric physician. Consultation services to the emergency medicine unit and hospital departments, and diverse forms of consultation and support to community services are also provided.

Special clinics in the outpatient service include eating disorders, anxiety disorders, stress and trauma related disorders, psychogeriatrics, resistant psychosis, and bipolar disorders. In addition, the division runs a special psychiatric project sponsored by the Ministry of Defense, providing mental health services to some 600 psychiatrically disabled military veterans.

The division staff includes 14 senior physicians, 7 residents, 29 psychologists, 17 social-workers, 7 occupational, art and other therapists, and 18 nurses.

In addition to its clinical activities, the Psychiatry and Mental Health Division participates actively and vigorously in research and teaching of medical students, residents, nursing staff, and paramedical students.
The division has a wide range of ongoing funded research projects ranging from basic and translational research to clinical and epidemiological areas related to psychiatry.