Department of Clinical Nutrition

תמונה ראשית-תזונה קלינית

Clinical Nutrition Department

The Department of Clinical Nutrition provides medical nutrition therapy for a variety of inpatient and outpatient medical conditions.

The goal of nutritional treatment is to provide the appropriate nutritional program for each medical condition, in order to maintain an optimal nutritional status, thereby supporting a patient's ability to recover from his or her illness, or maintain the best possible health under a given condition.

For hospitalized patients, the department provides individualized nutritional treatment, mainly through special nutritional supplements or diets. The department also helps guide the hospital's nutritional treatment policies and initiates new treatments using advanced nutritional materials.

A team comprised of dieticians and pediatric and infant nutrition specialists works in the Meyer Children's Hospital. Among other responsibilities, the team provides personalized nutrition plans for premature infants, including total parenteral nutrition (TPN), and specialized treatments for children in the pediatric intensive care unit, pediatric nephrology, pediatric cardiology and pediatric oncology units.

The department works closely with academic departments in Israel and overseas, and is conducting a number of research studies in related fields of interest. In the field of preventive medicine the department has a leading role in cardiovascular disease prevention programs, and is now initiating a training program to develop healthy eating, physical activity, and weight-loss for children.

Tomorrows dieticians are trained in the department, which accepts 24 students per year.

As a policy, the department provides nutritional education to the hospital staff to promote a healthy lifestyle and better personal nutrition.