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Rambam MedTech Ltd. is the technology transfer company (TTC) for Rambam Health Care Campus. Since 2014, it has served as the liaison between Rambam’s research community and industry by facilitating the process of bringing medical innovations to the market.

Rambam MedTech Ltd. is authorized by the Israeli government to handle all innovations and intellectual property (IP) generated by Rambam clinicians and scientists. As such, the company supports the pioneering and innovative research carried out by Rambam’s physicians and researchers, and regularly helps transform ideas into groundbreaking medical products.

Rambam's topnotch medical professionals are constantly challenged by unmet clinical needs which lead them to develop innovations. Examples include cardiovascular, orthopedic, surgical, ophthalmic and endoscopic devices; stem cell technologies; and precision personalized medicine, among many others.Rambam MedTech promotes and encourages creative thinking and ideation within the Rambam community and serves as a bridge between Rambam and the Biotech industry. Its professional team assists the inventors throughout the process: developing innovative ideas, filing patent applications, securing funding for nitial development, and commercializing the IP through licensing to experienced business affiliates or by the formation of spin-off companies.

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