Nomination Procedure

Call for Nominations: The call for nominations will be issued by the Youdim Prize Committee to the heads of Israeli Israeli research universities, academic medical centers, and major research institutes.

Deadline: The deadline for submitting nominations is posted with the call for nomiations.

Submission: Nominations should be written in English and follow the format of the Nomination Form. Information requested on the submission form includes:

  • The name and position of the sponsor
  • An abbreviated CV of the applicant according to the application form instructions
  • A list of up to 20 publications relevant to the presented research, in PubMed format
  • A brief synopsis of the research and why the sponsor and the applicant believe this research is prize worthy
  • Three confidential letters of recommendation

Submit the completed form and supporting documentation to the address provided on the form.​​​

The Call for Nominations is now closed.