Healthy Volunteers Clinical Trials

Early Phase Clinical Trials - Healthy Volunteers

Early phase clinical trials on healthy volunteers assess the safety and efficacy of drugs and medical devices based on such parameters as pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, dose response, drug-drug interaction and drug-food interaction. 

Rambam’s Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit offers comprehensive services, including budget management, contract negotiation, regulatory pathways, nursing and coordination services, subject recruitment, clinical study processes, safety reporting, and data management.
The Unit’s clinicians and investigators have accrued exceptional experience and know-how thanks to Rambam’s location in close proximity to world-recognized academic institutions and medical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as close collaboration with on-site medical and industry experts.

Contact us

Shiri Fadel, Lead Clinical Trials Operation Manager, Clinical Trials Unit 04-7771261 [email protected]

Yaron Ben Zvi, Financial Analyst, Clinical Trials Unit, 04-7772091, [email protected]

To participate as a healthy volunteer please contact us at [email protected]