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Over the years, Rambam’s Gynecological Oncology Clinical Trials Unit has accrued extensive experience conducting complex Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. The Unit evaluates novel drugs for treating cancers of the female reproductive system, including ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, Fallopian tube cancer, cervical cancer, and vulvar cancer. In addition, it engages in basic research aimed at better understanding gynecological oncology diseases, as well as in research in alternative medicine treatments.

The Clinical Trials Unit operates within the Gynecological Oncology Department, which is headed by Dr. Amnon Amit. Along with Dr. Amit, the Department’s senior physicians – Dr. Ari Reiss, Dr. Emad Matanes and Dr. Revital Linder – are closely involved with the clinical trials and personally supervise all participating patients.

The Clinical Trials Unit’s team is led by Dr. Geula Klorin and also comprises a dedicated physician, a dedicated nurse, three clinical trial coordinators and an administrator. The Unit has full access to all of Rambam’s cutting-edge facilities, so that participating patients can be evaluated in-house using the most advanced technologies.

The Unit helps develop novel drugs on behalf of its clients. These include large multinational pharmaceutical companies such as MSD (Merck) as well as smaller companies and start-ups. Rambam is among the top three medical centers in the world with respect to recruiting patients for trials commissioned by MSD in the field of gynecological oncology.

The Gynecological Oncology Clinical Trials Unit prides itself on both its professionalism and its high level of care for patients participating in the trials. The staff is extremely attentive to the patients’ needs and is available most of the day to provide support and answer questions. At the same time, the Unit is committed to providing first-rate service to clients by ensuring that the entire process is carried out on schedule and exactly according to the requirements. The staff is always available, and all queries are addressed promptly. As a result, clients report a high level of satisfaction.

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