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Gastroenterology Clinical Trials

Rambam’s Gastroenterology Clinical Trials Unit is highly experienced in conducting Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials related to the human digestive system. At any given time, over 70 clinical trials in this field are carried out at Rambam – on behalf of commercial pharmaceutical companies and start-ups as well as for in-house researchers within the medical center.

The gastroenterological clinical trials at Rambam span a range of specializations, including:  inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis), devices for endoscopy procedures, cancer prevention and detection, GI motility, and microbiome investigation, including fecal microbiome transplantation. The Unit frequently assesses novel drugs and combinations of existing drugs, as well as conducting research on genetic symptoms and other characterizations of gastroenterological diseases.

The Gastroenterology Clinical Trials Unit is served by a large and highly skilled team of professionals with diverse fields of expertise. The team includes trial coordinators, senior gastroenterologists, nurses and paramedics. The Unit enjoys excellent access to potential trial participants, thanks to the large pool of patients who are treated at Rambam’s numerous departments and clinics, including at the Center for Preventive Medicine. As a result, recruitment for the various clinical trials takes place across a large variety of potential volunteers.

The Unit prides itself on providing comprehensive service to its clients. The five trial coordinators have a great deal of experience organizing and overseeing every aspect of the trial process and are adept at ensuring that all bureaucratic and logistical hurdles are surmounted as quickly as possible.

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