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Rambam’s Department of Periodontology, which is part of the medical center’s School of Graduate Dentistry, has over ten years of experience conducting clinical trials in its dental clinic. Most of the trials involve medical devices and drugs related to dental implants, peri-implantitis (gum disease surrounding implants), and dental bone grafts.
The Department is headed by Dr. Hadar Zigdon-Giladi, a periodontal surgeon and researcher in the field of bone regeneration. Dr. Zigdon-Giladi is also the head of the Laboratory for Bone Repair in the School of Graduate Dentistry and a member of the Clinical Research Institute at Rambam.

The Department of Periodontology conducts clinical trials on behalf of Israeli and international companies and entrepreneurs, providing comprehensive professional service throughout the process. The Department’s experienced clinical trial team is adept at writing protocols and efficiently overseeing all the regulatory and organizational aspects required for conducting clinical trials. In addition to a full-time trial coordinator, the team consists of seven senior periodontologists and several interns.

The Department’s clinic serves patients from all over northern Israel, many of whom are treated at the clinic on a regular basis over many years. As a result, there is a large pool of potential candidates for different types of clinical trials. Since the clinic’s staff is familiar with the patients and their conditions, they skillfully match their patients with suitable clinical trials. One of the important advantages of conducting trials at Rambam’s Department of Periodontology is the ability to collaborate with other departments and fields of specialty within the Rambam Health Care Campus. In certain cases, a concilium of diverse experts is convoked to address challenges.

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