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Cancer Microenvironment in Hematologic Diseases


Principal Investigators: Dr. Netanel Horowitz and Dr. Tammy Katz

Hematological malignancies are developed in different tumor microenvironments (TME), such as bone marrow and lymph nodes. Hence, the TME plays a vital role in growth, survival, invasion and therapy resistance of malignant cells. Crosstalk between malignant cells and their surrounding depends on the specific organ location and patient's physiological state (e.g., pregnancy, morbidities). TME contains various accessory cells, such as stromal cells, endothelial and immune cells that trigger signaling pathways through cell-cell contact and molecular crosstalk, mediated by different secreted factors that influence tumor progression.

Our research group focuses on the investigation of interactions between TME components and lymphoproliferative malignancies developing in different TME niches. In order to better define these mechanisms, we have designed a series of in vivo and in vitro studies targeting these interfaces in several hematological cancers and disease scenarios. The study will give insight into cancer evolvement in different organs and scenarios and may improve tailored treatment of B-lymphocyte malignancies using novel therapeutic agents targeting different components of TME.


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The Horowitz and Katz Lab

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