Helmsley Health Discovery Tower

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Helmsley Health Discovery Tower

Helmsley Health Discovery Tower is envisioned as one of the most advanced medical research institutes in the world. It will act as a magnet for medical research and technology transfer, contribute to the local prestige and economy, and bring new hope to sick people everywhere.​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The need to wash your hands for cleanliness and to reduce the spread of disease is common knowledge. But it was once a discovery that shook the halls of science. That is our vision for the Helmsley Health Discovery Tower. More than just a building, the Helmsley Health Discovery Tower will bring healing to Israel and the nations via new therapies and treatments enabled by biomedical research and innovation.

The 20-story Helmsley Health Discovery Tower, situated within the Rambam campus, will be partially funded by a unique collaboration between University of Haifa and Rambam. The tower will facilitate cooperative efforts between Rambam research and development labs and University of Haifa's Health Sciences faculties. The tower will also be home to Technion-affiliated laboratories as well as technological incubators and other research institutions.

Our prestigious Clinical Research Institute at Rambam will also have floors dedicated to unique of research centers of particular clinical relevance; yet additional floors will be utilized by hi-tech medical device startups to facilitate onsite collaborations.

The impact of work emanating from the Helmsley Health Discovery Tower will be great; groundbreaking and meaningful research discoveries that will change the face of modern medicine. New jobs generated will positively affect the lives of individuals and families in Northern Israel and contribute to the growth of Israel’s economy.​

Naming opportunities are available for entire floors, laboratories and more.​

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