Epidemiology Unit

תמונה ראשית

Epidemiology Unit

The Epidemiology Unit at Rambam Health Care Campus is dedicated to the advancement of clinical and epidemiological research and their application for improving patient care, for disease prevention, for early detection of disease, and for policy decision making.

The unit focuses on development of methodological tools, research abilities, and data infrastructure to facilitate a wide-range of medical research and rational evidence-based policy-making mainly at the hospital management level. To that end, the unit staff, together with the Information Unit team, furthers development of the Rambam’s research database, by continuous validation and standardization of clinical, pharmacological, and administrative data from patient medical records, and utilizes novel tools for data mining and analysis.

The unit is responsible for the establishment and the operation of a hospital-integrated biobank, which is part of the Israeli biorepository network—MIDGAM. The goal of the biobank is to provide a valid and efficient platform for the supply of annotated biological samples for future translational, clinical, and epidemiological molecular research focused on personalized medicine application.

The unit’s team is also involved in planning, implementation, and evaluation of novel hospital-wide interventions for improving patient care and outcomes, such as improved glycemic control of hospitalized diabetic patients and improvement of outcomes for high-risk geriatric in-patients.

The unit’s team teaches courses on research methods and statistical analysis to hospital staff and is responsible for methodological guidance and statistical analysis of in-hospital research projects and grant applications.