Information for Tissue Sample Donors

Tissue Sample Donors

The information on this page is provided for the benefit of those considering making a tissue sample donation to Rambam's biobank.

Why Become a Biological Donor

Biological samples and medical information donated to the Rambam biobank are used for future clinical research, including genetic studies.

The biobank respository ensures access to data and samples for the use of investigators engaged in scientific and medical research aimed at expanding and developing the current body of knowledge and to contribute to efforts to prevent, treat, and cure diseases, or to alleviate patient suffering.

Clinical studies in human beings, including genetic and whole-genome studies, which include an examination of the hereditary material, DNA, using innovative technologies, receive approval by law only if they protect the rights of the participants including their privacy. The repository, in which you are being asked to participate, has received such approval.

The investigators are obligated to make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of the information resulting from your genetic sequence, however even if the sample is not identified/coded, it is theoretically possible to link between you and your entire genetic information, if another person has information about part of your genetic sequence.

With all the above in mind, know that your biological samples may eventually contribute to medical discovery and help a new generation of patients worldwide.

How to Become a Biological Donor

Both an explanatory form and a consent form are provided  in English and in Hebrew.

Please read the explanations therein carely. Do not hesitate to contact us for further explanation or clarification from the team member who originally approached you. If you decide to agree to donate to the repository, fill in your details and sign in the designated place of the Consent Form.

Tissue Sample Donors