Department of Critical Care Medicine

תמונה ראשית - טיפול נמרץ

Department of Critical Care Medicine

The Department of Critical Care Medicine treats patients with multi-system disorders, and is the largest of its kind in Northern Israel. The department also provides treatment for trauma and burns, including major surgery in most medical fields. Furthermore, the department treats hospitalized patients with severe and chronic diseases that threaten critical life systems.

The department’s team of physicians, nurses, respiratory technicians, social workers, physical therapists, and dieticians is able to meet the special needs of patients under extreme circumstances, including artificial respiration, pharmacological treatment to stabilize heart function, different types of dialysis, and various complex monitoring and treatment modalities.

The department uses advanced respiratory and treatment techniques, supported by the most sophisticated monitoring technologies available. The department collaborates with biotechnology companies to develop the next generation of medical technologies and devices. The department team is also working to develop their own monitoring and treatment systems.

In addition to its clinical activities, the department participates in international clinical studies, such as examination of new drugs for treatment of sepsis, and provides training to medical and nursing students. The department’s team also leads the "Northern Intensive Care" forum for sharing professional knowledge and participates in professional conferences in Israel and overseas.

Department Team