Breast Health Institute

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Breast Health Institute

The Rambam Breast Health Institute is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of women with breast diseases, and provides consulting and support services to women and their families.

The institute maintains a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of general surgeons, plastic surgeons, oncologists, imaging specialists, and pathologists. The team is distinguished by the mutual accessibility of each of its members, and the high level of cooperation between them. This collaboration is critical for early diagnosis and development of optimal treatment strategies appropriate to each and every patient.

Initial consultations and physical examinations are carried out by a team of dedicated surgeons who are breast cancer experts. Imaging is performed by experienced radiologists utilizing the most advanced modalities available, including digital mammography with computer-aided diagnosis, ultrasound, and MRI. Guided biopsies are performed under ultrasound or MRI, as needed.

Data collected at the institute is processed using the best available advanced technologies for treatment of breast cancer. The data of newly diagnosed patients are reviewed by a panel of experts during a weekly multi-disciplinary meeting, to enable optimal tailoring of treatment for each patient. Surgery is performed by breast surgeons using a variety of techniques including breast conservation surgery with oncoplastic techniques, sentinel lymph node biopsies, and axillary lymph node dissection. When applicable the innovative Margin Probe technology is used during lumpectomies in order to preserve healthy breast tissue while assuring removal of the cancerous tissue. Novel techniques such as intra-operative partial breast irradiation are also utilized when indicted.

The breast reconstruction service offers both immediate and late breast reconstruction utilizing the newest reconstructive techniques, and is regarded as one of the leading such services in the country. Microsurgical breast reconstruction is performed weekly, and enables women to abandon use of silicone implants and rely solely on their own body tissue.

The institute operates in close cooperation with the Israel Cancer Association and participates in numerous basic and clinical studies.