The Zuckerman and Reshef Lab

Translational Research

Leukemia Research Lab


Principal Investigators: Prof. Zuckerman and Dr. Reshef

Our mission is to discover the initiation event leading to leukemic cells production and to use these understanding to guide the development of new therapy strategies for leukemia.

Our major goals are: to unravel leukemia heterogeneity by applying single cell approach and investigate what governs leukemia production from hematopoietic stem cell located in the bone marrow; to discover how the cross talk between mesenchymal cells and hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow niche are disrupted in leukemia.

We combine interdisciplinary methods such as genome sequencing, molecular, immunology, computational, functional and high resolution imaging techniques to define the interactions between bone marrow subpopulations and single leukemic stem cells.

Our studies have direct clinical implications as we are aiming to integrate advancements in disease biology with clinical trials, taking research from the “bench-to-bedside.”.


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The Zuckerman and Reshef Lab

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