The Institute for Pain Medicine

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The Institute for Pain Medicine

The Pain Medicine Institute at Rambam Health Care Campus is a multidisciplinary one, utilizing a biopsychosocial approach to patients suffering from chronic pain. The institute offers a wide range of pharmaceutical, interventional, physical, psychological, and complementary treatments shown to be effective in reducing pain and alleviating suffering. To achieve optimal efficiency, treatments are combined and integrated from a number of different fields. The institute also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of complex pain problems that have proven intractable and are unresolved over time.

To achieve pain relief and control, the institute employs advanced technologies including Ultrasound and CT guided injections, implantation of electrodes to stimulate the spinal cord or peripheral nerves, and radio-frequency wave treatments to cauterize nerves, as well as other modalities.

The unit is composed of a multi-disciplinary staff comprised of physicians and caregivers who are highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of pain. The clinic team collaborates closely with all of the other hospital departments, providing consulting services regarding pain relief.

The institute supports an independent Pain Research Unit and has many research projects, and research fellows funded by national and international grants.
The institute established the Rambam School for Pain Medicine in 2010, and actively provides courses in Pain Medicine for postgraduate physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.