School of Graduate Dentistry

תמונה ראשית - בית ספר להתמחויות ברפואת שיניים

School of Graduate Dentistry

Established in 2009, the School of Graduate Dentistry is the only academic center of its kind in Northern Israel, serving a diverse population of 2 million citizens.

The charter of the school, founded by Rambam Health Care Campus in collaboration with the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, includes the following main missions:

  • To serve as a major academic dentistry teaching center with special emphasis on post-graduate training in the various specialties of dental medicine. In addition, the school offers a wide range of continuing education courses open both to local and foreign participants .
  • To offer cutting-edge clinical dental treatments to the people of Haifa and Northern Israel.
  • To create a research center for basic and applied clinical research, and to enhance our knowledge of oral disease, etiology, and treatment, with special emphasis on collaborative work within the school, our medical center, the Faculty of Medicine, and industry.

Treatments and Services

Dental implants

Periodontal (gum) therapy

Orthodontic treatment (tooth alignment)

Treatment of maxillofacial anomalies

Dental treatment under deep sedation

Maxillofacial reconstruction

Treatment of tempromandibular joint disorders

Dental treatment for patients with systemic disorders

Departments and Clinics

The school currently has four departments and several dedicated clinics covering all major dental specialties, including:

The Department of Periodontology: This department offers all types of surgical and non-surgical treatments for patients with periodontal diseases. A particularly important treatment offered is tooth implants placement, including regenerative procedures for the jaw bone in cases of severe atrophy.

The Department of Orthodontics: Orthodontic treatment of all types of dental and maxillofacial mal-positioning is offered for both children and adults.

The Department of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation: This department provides prosthetic reconstruction following resective procedures and traumatic loss in the craniofacial region.

The Department of Endodontology and Dental Trauma: Responsible for treatment of dental pulp pathologies, including root canal therapy and apical surgery, dental treatment and monitoring following traumatic injury to the dentition is also provided.

The Prof. Eugene Schimmel Pediatric Division: A team of pedodontists provide dental treatment for children of all ages. All treatment modalities are available including treatment under deep sedation performed in conjunction with the anesthesiology department.

Maxillofacial Anomaly Clinic: Primarily focusing on children, this multi-disciplinary team treats a variety of congenital and acquired maxillofacial deformities.

TMJ Clinic: This clinic attends to patients with a variety of tempro-mandibular disorders using varied treatments and therapies including physiotherapy, mechanical devices, and medication.

Oral Medicine and Hospital Dentistry Clinic: Dedicated to the dental treatment of patients turned away from private practice offices because they suffer from a variety of systemic conditions, the clinic also provides screening and treatment of patients with soft tissue ulcers and other mucosal lesions in the oral cavity.