Clinical Trial Services

Clinical Trials
Rambam’s Clinical Trial Services unit offers comprehensive professional support for companies and investigators pursuing clinical trials at the Rambam Health Care Campus.
With over 15 years of experience providing research management and operative services
for oncological clinical trials, the unit is highly qualified to deliver all the support required by inventors and entrepreneurs, from the concept stage through the attainment of an approved product. This includes help complying with regulatory issues, finding and partnering with the most suitable researchers, budgeting, logistics, designing a detailed work plan, and providing ongoing support throughout the trial process.
The unit’s highly skilled staff will advise and monitor entrepreneurs carrying out clinical trials in a wide range of medical fields. One of its main goals is to promote studies initiated by Rambam investigators and carried out in collaboration with entrepreneurs or start-up companies. As an in-house unit with deep and extensive knowledge of all of Rambam’s facilities, capabilities and human assets, the Clinical Trial Services is uniquely positioned to provide first-rate services at accessible costs.

Study Coordinators

The role of study coordinators is crucial in ensuring the success of clinical trials. They play a vital role in coordinating the different aspects of a study, such as recruitment of participants, data collection, and monitoring of the study's progress. Study coordinators are trained professionals who work closely with the research team and sponsors to ensure that the study is conducted in compliance with all regulations and guidelines. By using the services of study coordinators, researchers and companies can benefit from their expertise and experience, which can save time and resources and ensure that the study runs smoothly.
Rambam's clinical trial unit offers a wide range of services to researchers who are interested in conducting clinical trials. If you are planning to conduct a clinical trial, it is highly recommended that you contact the clinical trial unit and take advantage of the services provided by study coordinators. The clinical trial unit can assist you with every aspect of the study, from protocol development and regulatory approval to participant recruitment and data collection. By using the services of study coordinators, you can ensure that your study is conducted efficiently and effectively, and that you achieve your research objectives.
Overall, the study coordinators' services offered by Rambam's clinical trial unit are essential to the success of clinical trials, and can help researchers and companies make important contributions to medical knowledge and patient care.
For more information please contact Ms. Shiri Fadel at [email protected].
Clinical Trial Services

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