Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital

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The Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital

​Named for the late philanthropist Ruth Rappaport, this facility is the only one of its kind in Northern Israel, encompassing seven inpatient departments and over 20 professional units. This modern and spacious facility provides c​hildren and their families with a friendly and supportive environment conducive to health and healing.

The nine-story Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital opened its doors in June of 2014, and is one of the most advanced and sophisticated children’s hospitals in the country. As par​t of Rambam’s overall plan to assure the safety and security of all patients and staff, the bottom three floors of the hospital are fortified against missile attacks.

The Pediatric Emergency Department was the first to begin receiving patients. Other departments have been progressively entering the structure as each section is completed, and as funding allows. In April of 2016, the last two departments moved into the building: Pediatrics A and B on the fourth and fifth floors. Today all of Rambam's pediatric patients are cared for in one facility designed to specifically meet their unique needs.

The hospital includes all standard facilities essential for a regional hospital. In addition, there is a science museum, movie thea​ter, classrooms, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and a healing garden. These comfortable surroundings provide healthy distractions for sick children and welcome their families and friends at this difficult time in their ​lives.

Current Needs

Naming opportunities remain for entire floors and departments. There is an ongoing need for medical equipment, accessories, office equipment, room, patient beds, and more in the following departments and units:

  • Imaging Unit
  • Dialysis Unit
  • Fortified Neonatology Department
  • ​Gastroenterology and Nutrition Institute
  • Surgery Department
  • ​Psychiatry Unit
  • Nephrology Unit


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