Occupational Health Institute

תמונה ראשית - מכון לרפואה תעסוקתית וסביביתית

Occupational Health Institute

The Occupational Health Institute is authorized to perform medical tests on employees according to the safety standards and guidelines of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

The institute's clients enjoy direct access to the top experts, laboratories and resources of Rambam Health Care Campus. With "one-stop-shopping," employees receive support in human resource health management to maximize employee health; assistance in compliance with safety standards and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment with ergonomic workstations; conducting surveys and analyses of occupational risks; and identifying and resolving organizational safety and health issues.

The Institute for Occupational Health was established in 1991, as part of Rambam’s commitment to preventive medicine. Today, the institute works with dozens of industrial employers, from Beer Sheva in the south, to Tel Hai in the north, to promote workplace safety and reduce accidents and occupation-related illness.

The institute works closely with the National Poison Information Center and the Toxicology Laboratory—both at Rambam Health Care Campus. Furthermore, with its extensive database, the institute supports industrial organizations in protecting the environment within and outside of their facilities.