The Shahaf Lab

Translational Research

The Applied Neurophysiology Lab


Principal Investigator: Dr. Goded Shahaf

The Shahaf lab develops tools and services, which are based on easy-to-use brain monitoring. Our tools and services aim to enhance brain protection under potential  threats. Additionally, they monitor brain performance and identify areas for improvement, particularly in situations demanding optimal  performance and where impairment is at risk.
Our tools are based on real-time monitoring through single channel EEG electrodes, embedded in wearable headsets. We developed three types of markers, which identify (1) brain injury, (2) cognitive function and barriers, and (3) emotional response. Our markers have been validated in many studies, involving thousands of patients from multiple clinical populations as well as healthy participants. The tools and services we offer are designed for an ever-growing list of clinical and non-clinical uses.

The Shahaf Lab

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