Department of Occupational Therapy

תמונה ראשית-ריפוי בעיסוק

Occupational Therapy Department

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a rehabilitation health care profession that provides services to people whose ability to function in daily life has been disrupted by physical illness or injury, developmental problems, the aging process, and mental or emotional illness. The goal of OT is to improve a person’s function and quality of life, and to help people become involved in meaningful occupations and activities. This service is given individually or in groups, and includes evaluation, therapeutic intervention, follow-up, and recommendations.

There are three main fields of OT services at Rambam: physical rehabilitation, pediatrics, and mental health. Inpatients from various hospital departments and people referred for OT via ambulatory care are eligible to receive OT at Rambam.

Rambam's highly qualified OT staff use advanced technologies for evaluation and treatment. The department is actively involved in teaching and training occupational therapy students and participates in relevant research

Department Team