Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital


Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital

At the Forefront of Pediatrics

The Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital provides advanced medical services and a comprehensive approach to treatment in every area of children's healthcare. Located on Rambam Health Care Campus, it is the only children's hospital dedicated exclusively to pediatric medicine in Northern Israel.

The children’s hospital was established in 1986 to treat children of all ages, from birth through the age of 18. It is a modern hospital, maintaining the highest medical standards in accordance with Rambam’s vision and values. The full set of children’s physical and psychological needs are addressed, from initial diagnostic services and basic medical treatments to the most sophisticated and complex interventions. The hospital environment is adjusted to the child’s world, which, beyond the need for medical care, should offer a pleasant, warm, and supportive environment.

All pediatric medical services are provided in one facility: 130 beds, 6 inpatient departments, and 20 professional pediatric units, as well as a pediatric emergency room. The hospital team includes 95 pediatric physicians specializing in their respective fields and 200 highly experienced professional nurses, as well as paramedical and management teams—for a total staff of 400.


Together With the Parents

Decades of accumulated experience, new and advanced medical equipment, a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment, and a dedicated personal approach to children—all are integral to the care of children at the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital. Parents are considered to be partners in the healing process at all stages of diagnosis and treatment. The active participation and cooperation of a child's family members is foundational to our treatment approach, and a critical factor in helping children cope with the anxieties of illness and the unfamiliar hospital environment.

The Pinnacle of Research

As an integral part of Rambam, the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital is also affiliated with Technion’s Ruth and Bruch Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. The hospital’s physcians serve as senior lecturers to the Technion’s medical students.

Our pediatric specialists are also involved in extensive and productive collaborations with the Technion, conducting research projects at the cutting edge of pediatric medicine. They also maintain professional collaborations with other children's medical centers around the world, and remain abreast of the latest developments in pediatric medicine, science, technology, and treatment approaches.​

The Ruth Rapapport Children's Hospital