Dr. Elizabeth G. Nabel

Dr. Elizabeth G. NabelDr. Elizabeth G. Nabel

Rambam Health Care Campus is proud and honored to bestow the 2018 Rambam Award upon Dr. Elizabeth G. Nabel in recognition of her cardiovascular medicine, research, and scientific achievements that have advanced health; her lifelong commitment to improve health through science; and her exemplary leadership of academic medicine, which is inspiring a new generation of medical practitioners worldwide, including here at Rambam.

Raised in an environment that instilled foundational family, work, and societal values, Dr. Nabel's intellectual curiosity was nurtured at the dinner table as her father discussed his work as a chemist and inventor. She developed an excitement for the potential of science to benefit humankind that has permeated every aspect of her professional success.

Always an excelling student, Dr. Nabel received her MD from Weill Cornell Medical College in 1981. She then honed her clinical and research skills at Brigham and Women's Hospital, laying the foundation that would lead to her return, 23 years later, as the first female president of a Harvard-affiliated hospital Brigham Health.

Prior to becoming President of Brigham Health, Dr. Nabel served as the Chief of the Division of Cardiology at the University of Michigan, and the Scientific Director of Clinical Research of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), becoming Director of NHLBI in 2005. She is also the Chief Health and Medical Advisor to the National Football League.

Dr. Nabel is recognized worldwide for her accomplishments related to biomedical research, and women's and global health, and health care leadership. Her work on the molecular genetics of cardiovascular diseases has resulted in 17 patents and more than 250 scientific publications. In addition to dozens of awards from professional and societal organizations, she has received eight prestigious honorary doctorates.

Dr. Nabel is an exemplary clinician researcher who actively seeks to use the power of science and technology for the benefit of humankind-a focus central to the clinical research vision of Rambam Health Care Campus. She has collaborations with colleagues worldwide, including in Israel, which will benefit both the people of this nation and the greater community of humanity.

In acknowledgement of all the aforesaid, the Honorary Awards Committee has found Dr. Elizabeth G. Nabel deserving of the 2018 Rambam Award.