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About the Rambam Summit

The Rambam Summit is our annual event designed specifically with you, our supporters, in mind. The Summit provides an in-depth perspective of our medical center’s activities and opportunities to see how your support is helping the people of our region.
During the Summit, Rambam holds an annual Health of Tomorrow Conference, a joint effort of the hospital and the city of Haifa. During the conference, hot topics of critical import to medical care in Israel and the world are discussed.
Integral to the Rambam Summit is presentation of the Rambam Award. The Rambam Award is presented to outstanding individuals in tribute to their achievements in the fields of science, medicine, and technology, and in recognition of their crowning accomplishments in support of Israel and the Jewish people, and as outstanding citizens of the world. Past recipients have included Rabbi Johnathan Sacks (former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom); Professor William Brody (past President of Johns Hopkins University and of the Salk Institute); Professor Eric Topol (President of the Scripps); Professor Donna Shalala (past Secretary Health and Human Services, and of University of Miami, USA); Hon. Mrs. Laura Wolfson Townsley (UK); Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein (USA);  Yona Yahav (Mayor of Haifa); Mrs. Ruth Rappaport (Geneva and Israel); Prof. Richard L. Popp, MD (Stanford, USA); and the recently departed President Shimon Peres, among others.
The annual Rambam Summit is held in beautiful Haifa, a multicultural city juxtaposed on the Carmel mountain ridge and Haifa bay. We look forward to seeing you here at the next Summit!

The 2024 Rambam Summit has been postponed
due to current events in Israel.
We will keep you advised as to a new date,
hopefully during more peaceful times this autumn.