Scientific Conference - Agenda

The Rambam–Haifa Health of Tomorrow Conference

Back to the Future


9:30 am Greetings and Opening Comments:

  • Professor Rafi Beyar, Director, RHCC
  • MK Rabbi Yakov Litzman, Deputy Minister of Health
  • Professor Shimon Marom, Dean, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion
  • Professor Ron Robin, President, University of Haifa; Mr. Yona Yahav, Mayor of Haifa


Conference Moderator: Professor Karl Skorecki, Director, Medical & Research Development, RHCC

9:45 am Keynote lecture: Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, President of Brigham Health
Discover the state-of-the-art in health care, as Professor Nabel shares her leadership insights and initiatives about the rich heritage of Brigham Health and how it is changing the face of the medicine of tomorrow.

10:30 am Back to the Future: Ted-like Talks by 11 Young Leaders / Part 1
You already know of Rambam’s expertise and renown worldwide. Now you will discover Rambam’s 80-year legacy through centers of excellence that have influenced the world of medicine and are leading us to an amazing healthy future.

  • Gila Hyams, Trauma
  • Yishai Ofran, Hematology
  • Ayelet Raz, Internal Medicine
  • Yuval Ginsberg, Obstetrics
  • Shorook Na'ara, Otolaryngology

11:15 am Coffee break

11:30 am Back to the Future: Ted-like Talks by 11 Young Leaders / Part 2

  • Mony Benifla, Neurosurgery
  • Avivit Peer, Oncology
  • Rostislav Novak, Orthopedics
  • Daniella Magen, Pediatrics
  • Eyal Bercovich, Imaging
  • Oren Caspi, Cardiology

12:30 pm Health Care 2025 and Beyond
Panelists: Professor Rafi Beyar, Professor Shimon Marom, Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, Professor Marcia Javitt, Dr. Hagit Baris Feldman, Dr. Eyal Braun.

Moderator: Professor Karl Skorecki

1:30 pm Lunch