Opening Address for the 2018 Rambam Summit

Opening Address for the 2018 Rambam Summit

Welcome to Rambam’s 80th Anniversary Summit and Gala. Since the inception of the Rambam Summit in 2010, our motto has been—“Where medicine, technology, and humanity intertwine.”

As we celebrate our 80th birthday, and 70 years as a nation, never before have we had the opportunity to demonstrate so clearly the true nature of all that has been woven together to create this amazing, comprehensive, and unique health care campus.

Opening Address for the 2018 Rambam Summit​
by Professor Rafi Beyar
Director & CEO
Rambam Health Care Campus

In 1938, the British inaugurated a new and modern hospital in Haifa, to serve the governmental leadership and prepare for the imminent outbreak of war in Europe.

Eight decades later, this same hospital has become a landmark in Israeli health care and an influential leader of medicine and research worldwide. Standing side-by-side with the Technion’s Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, we have touched innumerable lives, are nurturing and educating future generations, and inspiring superb research scientists in Israel and around the world.

Last month during a visit to the home of President Rivlin, he stressed the superb medical care, research, and innovations that are happening here.

Tonight we honor those of the Rambam family, throughout our history, who have contributed to the future of medicine for generations to come.

Rambam is a model for tolerance, coexistence, and diversity within a culture of collaboration—a microcosm of peace. This is ingrained in our history, which is uniquely interwoven with that of Israel.

Starting with Director Dr. Raphael Gjebin and Head Nurse Elsa Yellin, high standards and values were set for us to follow. We are honored to have with us this evening two past directors of Rambam, Professor Leon Epstein and Professor Moshe Revach, along with two past head nurses, Miriam Hasharoni and Professor Hanna Admi. Thank you for all you have done to help bring us to this day.

Yesterday outstanding presentations by our bright young physicians and clinical staff inspired us with a “Back to the future” perspective. This hospital was built by leaders whose legacies have led to the intertwining of medicine technology and humanity for eight exciting decades.

With this in mind, we established the Rambam Medical Leadership Circle, to recognize outstanding physicians and surgeons who have made landmark contributions to medicine. The first two people whom we have recognized, and most certainly not the last, are Professor David Ehrlich for his pioneering work in kidney transplantation and the founder of the Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, and Professor Ori Better who established Rambam’s Department of Nephrology and developed a treatment for Crush Syndrome, which is now used worldwide.

Since the 2006 Second Lebanon War, we have focused on building the new west campus with our visionary friends, Eitan and Ariella Wertheimer, who have worked with us on the vision of Adam, to expand and secure a modern and healing campus that places patients and their health care givers at the center of our every endeavor.

This last decade has seen Rambam develop at an unprecedented pace. We are now a hospital that is prepared in the face of imminent conflict via the 2,000-bed Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital —an exemplary innovative facility ensuring healthcare and security for the people of Northern Israel.

The amazing Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital has been completed thanks to the outstanding vision of the late Ruth Rapaport—we will always miss her and her husband Baruch—they will remain a permanent part of our hospital and pediatric care.

The spacious Joseph Fishman Oncology Center is now open and we are pressing on, full speed, to bring it to completion.

As you can see on the screen behind me, this decade has seen a remarkable steady increase in outpatients, surgical procedures and other essential patient services. The demands on our superb surgical teams are huge—clearly, we will need new surgical suites soon. Our investment in people is the foundation of Rambam’s worldwide renown. Over the past decade we have recruited over 500 physicians, 41 department and unit heads—top leaders in their fields.

Rambam is creating the leaders of medicine through exemplary clinical care, research and innovation. We have more than 10 unique research programs which, to date, have benefitted more than 100 medical professionals, young physician scientists, and researchers.

Our technology transfer company, Rambam MedTech is helping to make their clinically relevant ideas actual products available worldwide. The MindUp Digital Health Incubator has been a huge success—within just two years MindUp has six portfolio companies with more in the pipeline.

Our international collaborations span the world—east and west—reaching remote localities in Africa and Asia—and including governmentally generated cooperation with other hospitals in China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia, to name a few. Our physicians give of their time and energy as volunteers to treat difficult medical conditions in hard to reach regions.

Now, as we look "back to the future," two important projects are in progress. The Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital, integrating medical, surgical, and preventive strategies, is critical for the modern and care of our heart patients. We are grateful to Eyal for continuing his father’s legacy.

Helmsley Health Discovery Tower represents a unique partnership between Rambam, University of Haifa, Technion collaborations, and the life science industry. Working together, with the support of Mayor Yahav and the city of Haifa, we will create a hub for healthcare, education, research, and innovation, and become Israel’s powerhouse for medical discovery.

As you can imagine, the needs for both of these important facilities are imminent and great.

Each of You, our friends, are a part of our future and our legacy. Thank you for all you have already done for Rambam, and all that you will do.

Finally, I cannot forget to give special tribute to my devoted leadership team, who have been with me literally, through fire and water to make all this happen: Professor Karl Skorecki spearheading medical and research development, Dr. Esty Golan, Dr. Miki Halberthal, Dr. Avi Weisman, Dr. Michal Mekel, Mr. Nissim Chaim, Ms. Gila Hyams, Mr. Arie Berkovitz, and our past deputy directors, Dr Yaron Barel of blessed memory, Professor Shimon Reisner, Professor Amos Etzioni, Dr. Zvi Ben-Ishai, and many more.....

A big thank you to the two ladies who seem to be in charge of every minute of my life, Zahava and Orit, as well as the rest of my office team, and hugs to my loving family, Dalia, Ofrat Hagit, Keren and Orr, and my sweet and loving grandchildren.

Professor Rafi Beyar
Director & CEO
Rambam Health Care Campus