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Artist Soraya Nazarian Donates Sculpture to Children's Hospital

Publication Date: 6/21/2017

​An inspiring sculpture created by the renowned artist was donated recently to the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital, adding a peaceful and healing atmosphere to the surroundings.

The sculpture, "Love Heals," by Soraya 
(Sarah) Nazarian.
Photography: Pioter FliterThe sculpture, "Love Heals," by Soraya (Sarah) Nazarian. Photography: Pioter Fliter

People passing through Rambam Health Care Campus this week encountered an unusual site: Dedicated workers spending hours working with various pieces of sculpted bronze as they erected an inspirational sculpture, Love Heals, at the entrance of the Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital. The work was supervised by Soraya (Sarah) Nazarian, the well-known artist who lovingly created it. Since its placement, the sculpture has become a source of great curiosity for passersby, most of all the children.

The sculpture rests on a wooden platform, depicting a woman hugging children and surrounded by birds.
A sign next to it describes the artist's feelings and artistic inspiration: "Our lives are ennobled by the loving bonds we create during our lifetime. First we experience love as children. We carry that love with us as we grow up, passing it on to our partners, friends and children. In ‘Love Heals’, the loving presence of the central female figure calms the children gathered in her arms and the folds of her dress, inviting the birds to play with them. She is universal. She can be a mother, a sister, or doctor. My hope is that every observer will decide who it represents for them and how her love can heal," writes Nazarian.

The sculpture was unveiled for the first time at an intimate and emotional ceremony on June 11. The ceremony was attended by members of Nazarian family, including the artist’s daughter Sharon; Mrs. Ruth Rappaport (for whom the hospital is named) and Ruth’s daughter Irit, various Rambam representatives, friends and supporters. Professor Sharon Poliakin, artist and artistic curator at Haifa University, spoke to the audience.

Soraya (Sarah) Nazarian is a renowned artist with a studio in Los Angeles, California. She and her husband Younes are leaders of the Iranian Jewish community in Los Angeles, California, and known for their contributions to Israel, particularly in Haifa. Soraya Nazarian’s sculptures, portraying motherhood, family, spirituality, and Iranian culture, can be found in various places throughout Israel and the United States.