Vision and Values


To be Israel’s leading medical center for quality healthcare of patients and their families with leading-edge technologies for diagnoses and interventions, pursuit of bench-to-bedside innovation and research, and investment in the personal professional development of all staff.
Rambam HCC will be a lighthouse emanating from Northern Israel to the world for the health and healing that is achieved when multi-cultural diversity is pursued, for the benefit of humankind.



Activities  of the medical center staff will be performed according to the highest standards of excellence, quality, safety, integrity, responsibility, and service.


The medical center will function with full transparency aimed at building the full trust of patients and colleagues.


The medical center will be a leader in scientific and technologic breakthrough innovations.


At the center of each activity, the staff will represent the voice, values, beliefs, and desires of the patient with respect, attentiveness, and empathy. 


Multidisciplinary teamwork will be based on partnership, mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance of the other will form the basis of the medical center’s activities.

Education and Training

The medical center is committed to education and learning to nurture the future generation.

Rambam Vision 2065

At Rambam, medicine, technology,and humanity intertwine for the benefit of humankind. The celebration of our past accomplishments is the foundation for our future – including a new vision that will take us to the end of the 21st century. Following recent government approval, we have unveiled a preliminary master plan with major milestones set for 2048 – Israel’s 100th birthday – and 2065. We will become a 2,700-bed hospital with nine and a half million square feet of space from the close to two million square feet of space today.