Vision and Values

Inspired by our history, the Rambam (Maimonides), and visionary leaders in medical practice, our vision and values are first and foremost about people.

Our Vision
To be a leader in medicine and make an impact in Israel and worldwide on treatment, innovation, research, technology and team development, all while maintaining the centrality of the individual, whether patient or staff member, in every activity.

We Believe
Every staff member is responsible for the influence and the impact of the quality and safety of patient's care, and that the empathic mutual interactions between health professionals and patients contribute to optimal treatment outcomes.
The following values complete and complement each other:

1. Individual Centered
For each patient: To focus on each patient’s needs in every aspect of medical care, while creating a supportive environment, imbued with respect, empathy, compassion, generosity, attentiveness, and hope.

For each staff member: To cultivate a sense of self-fulfillment, along with pride in belonging to the organization, through education, interpersonal skills development, and reinforcing teamwork within and between departments; creating a safe, proper, and respectful work environment with progressive management and economic practices.

2. Excellence and Quality
For each patient: To provide professional, high quality, and secure medical care, incorporating research-based evidence, grounded in equality, cultural sensitivity, and transparency, and involving patients and their loved ones in the decision-making processes.

For each staff member: To create a work environment that encourages professional excellence, integrity, mutual trust, and a high-quality health care environment that attracts distinguished leading professionals.

3. Innovation and Initiative
For each patient: To ensure that patients receive the newest and most advanced innovative medical treatments available in Israel and worldwide.

For each staff member: To encourage initiative and creative thinking, while providing assistance, guidance, and support to make new ideas a reality. To create an environment that supports development of pioneering research and innovative technologies through collaborations with leading entrepreneurs, industries, and academic institutions in Israel and worldwide.

4. Support and Well-being
For each patient: To provide optimal medical care in a professional and supportive environment that promotes the patient’s physical and emotional health and well-being.

For each staff member: To enable each staff member to fulfill his or her potential in a safe and secure work environment that contributes to a feeling of well-being, helping each one to cope with the challenges of their profession and achieve the goals of the organization.

5. Tolerance and Acceptance
For each patient: To receive treatment that is physically, culturally, and linguistically appropriate, in an environment that respects diversity and encourages tolerance, providing attention to each patient and his or her family.

For each staff member: To create a pluralistic work environment that encourages cultural dialogue, that reflects Israel’s diverse population, and incorporates volunteers and workers with special needs.

6. Education and Training
For each patient: To ensure effective and continuous medical care by partnering with patients in the decision-making process regarding the state of their health, by providing information, guidance, support, and dialogue, and assuring the information is understood.

For the community: To promote health and preventive medicine for the population at all stages of life, by leveraging our medical knowledge, experience, and expertise and encouraging staff members to volunteer for the benefit of the community.

For each staff member: To promote personal professional development through advanced studies and training, to encourage independent learning and the sharing of knowledge with colleagues.

Vision & Values