Israeli Trauma Mass Casualty Nursing Course (ITMCNC)

Israeli Trauma Mass Casualty Nursing Course (I.T.M.C.N.C.)

The goal of the course is to expand and promote the knowledge of nurses who treat injured patients in the Emergency Department (ED) and the recruited nurses who are called upon to re-enforce the ED during a mass casualty situation (MCS).

The course consists of lectures, small group discussions, table-top drills, and videos.

The course was organized with thanks to a generous donation from the American Physicians Fellowship (APF). Thier donation is sponsoring several I.T.M.C.N.C. courses, together with an Instructors Course, thereby promoting trauma nursing in Israel.

History of Israeli Trauma Mass Casualty Nursing Course (I.T.M.C.N.C.)

To date, 251 nurses from 22 Israeli hospitals have been trained in this course. This is the first such course in the world dedicated to training nursing teams in advanced trauma, providing them with knowledge and practical strategies for treating injured trauma patients during peacetime, an MCS, and in wartime.