Israeli Pediatric Trauma Life Support Course

Israeli Pediatric Trauma Life Support Course

The Israeli Pediatric Trauma Life Support (I.P.T.L.S.) course ( is the first of its kind in Israel. The curriculum was developed by a team of senior physicians from Rambam's Trauma Unit, the Pediatric Emergency Department, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Surgery, and General Surgery.

The goal of the course is attaining advanced hands-on experience in the principles of resuscitation and stabilization of the injured child in the Emergency Department, as well as practicing the methods of treatment of injured children in a mass casualty situation (MCS).

The skills and practice labs as well as resuscitation management will be held in the Resuscitation Lab at Technion-institution of Technology.

The course is aimed at physicians and nursed who work in various units, such as General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatrics and Emergency departments. It is also aimed at physicians who participate in air-med evacuation, paramedics, nurses who work in adult and pediatric emergency departments, and towards nurses who back up the trauma unit and the emergency department during a MCS.

Among others, the topics of the course include:

  • Principles of evaluation and stabilization of the trauma injured child
  • Principles of preparedness of the hospital for Pediatric MCS scenarios
  • Principles of treatment of a Pediatric MCS
  • Skill stations: Intra-osseous line, Management of airway in the infant and the baby, Insertion of a chest tube in children, and case management for a multi-trauma 6-year-old patient.