Accessibility Statement

Rambam Health Care Campus Statement Regarding Accessibility for People with Disabilities


Rambam Health Care Campus has undertaken extensive efforts to make our hospital more accessible to people with disabilities. We are committed to providing each person, including those with disabilities, equal access to all available medical facilities and services, and to be treated with respect, with attention to the patient's safety and independence, as well as to societal and cultural sensitivities.

Efforts to improve accessibility are ongoing, and include access to public spaces, buildings, the broad array of services we provide, and internet services. Below is detailed information about accessibility for the disabled, organized by topic.

  1. Accessibility of Buildings.

We strive to ensure that all buildings and the surrounding areas are accessible to people with disabilities, and we are investing significant resources to accomplish this objective.

  1. Accessibility of Services.

We strive to ensure that all services at our campus are accessible to people with disabilities. We are investing significant resources to achieve this goal, and our efforts are ongoing.

  1. Accessibility of Rambam's website and internet services.

An accessible website is one which allows individuals with disabilities and older people to use the site with the same degree of ease and comfort as other users. According to research conducted by Microsoft, approximately 20-25% of users encounter difficulties in using internet sites and need to obtain technical assistance. At Rambam, we believe in providing equal opportunities to our website and internet services for people suffering from disabilities and those needing assistive technology to use computers.

  1. Contact Rambam with advice or suggestions for improvement regarding accessibility.

Despite our best efforts to improve accessibility at our campus, problems may still arise. If you have encountered an accessibility issue, or if you have comments or questions, you may contact

Rambam's Coordinator for Accessibility Issues:

Name: Margalit Samuel

Telephone: 04-7773130/3424

Email: [email protected]


Accessibility of Buildings at Rambam Health Care Campus

We strive to ensure that all buildings and the surrounding areas are accessible to people with disabilities, and we are investing significant resources to accomplish this objective. The following are details regarding some of the existing accessibility arrangements.

Parking at Rambam: The following is a list of parking lots at Rambam and the surrounding area, with spaces for those with disabilities:

  • Underground Parking Lot—60 spaces. People with a "disabled" tag will be allowed to park with no charge
  • Parking at the main gate, behind the Stone Building—3 spaces
  • Parking at the Hof Hashaket (Quiet Coast) Gate—6 spaces
  • Outside the hospital grounds, parking at the entrance to Hof Hashaket Gate—10 spaces

Use of wheelchairs: see details at the bottom of the page.

Benches: Benches are available in outdoor areas, in passageways between buildings, and in rest areas.

Public Facilities for those with Disabilities: Throughout the hospital, large washrooms with toilets accessible from either direction, are located at:

  • The Stone Building (Building No. 3), near the elevator
  • Neurology Department (Pavilions, Building No. 4) in the waiting room at the entrance to the Department

Accessibility of Internet Services

  • Rambam's website complies with the rules applicable to equality of rights for people with disabilities (2013).
  • Rambam follows guidance provided by Israeli rules governing internet accessibility at the AA level and International Form WCAG2.0
  • Tests were performed in accordance with the highest standards of the browser Firefox.
  • The website provides a helpful structure for technical assistance and uses familiar keyboard operations, including the Enter key and the Esc key to exit from windows and menus. The website is accessible on widely used browsers and is suitable for cell phone use.
  • For the best user experience, we recommend using the most current version of NVDA.

Accessibility of Services at Rambam

We strive to ensure that all services at our campus are accessible to people with disabilities. We are investing significant resources to achieve this goal, and our efforts are ongoing. The following is a list of existing accessibility arrangements:

Making an appointment: To receive information, or make an appointment, you can contact the Center for Information and Appointments by fax, telephone, or email. Please be sure to include contact information so that hospital staff may get in touch with you. For information about the Center for Information and Appointments click here>

Directions and Finding Locations at the Campus: To make it easier to find locations at our campus, each building is marked with a number in a different color. Please pay attention to both the number and the color, and note that the pavilions, which are all denoted as Building No. 4, include a number of clinics and departments.

Personal Escort Services: Individuals who are visually handicapped, or people with a certificate of blindness, may receive a personal escort from the entrance to the hospital to the clinic or department where they have their appointment. This service is available Sunday—Thursday, during the morning hours. It is necessary to reserve this service at least 3 days before the medical appointment. In order to reserve a personal escort, please contact the Service Center:

Telephone: 04-7776106

Email:  [email protected]

 You will receive the details of the person who will accompany you, and the time and place of your meeting. If you make these arrangements by mail, please provide us with your personal information, including your telephone number, so that we can contact you.

Use of the Step Here Device: The Step Here device is designed to assist people with vision disabilities in finding their way around the campus. Step Here is operated with a control device which is distributed free of charge to those with a certificate of blindness by the Center for the Blind in Israel. Step Here is available at the following locations around the hospital:

  • Entrances to the hospital—the main entrance and the gate near Hof Hashaket
  • The Sammy Ofer Building (No. 1) at the open area in front of the building, the lobby, the passageway to the Mendelsohn Building, the entrance to the Radiology Department, at the entrance and reception desk of the Emergency Department, and on all floors near the elevator
  • The Mendelsohn Building (No. 2 old building) near the entrances
  • Outside Clinics (No.6) in the adjacent outdoor area and at the entrance
  • Meyer Building (No. 5) at the entrance near the elevators, and on each floor near the elevators
  • The Pavilions (No.4) at the entrance to each pavilion
  • The Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital (No. 15) at the east entrance (when arriving from the Sammy Ofer Building)

Use of Wheelchairs

Individuals with mobility issues or who have difficulty walking, and who are accompanied by a friend or relative, may use the wheelchairs located around the hospital.  The following is a list of locations where wheelchairs are located and are available for use around the campus. Please be sure to return the wheelchair to the location from which it was taken so that it will be available for the use of others.

  • Parking lot at the Hof Hashaket gate near the Outside Clinics (No. 6) in the area near the Transportation Department
  • The area of the Pavilions, near the service gate, in the space between the Pavilion of the Dermatology Department and the Pavilion of the Neurology Department
  • In the area between the Emergency Department and the Sammy Ofer Building, you can borrow a wheelchair using a credit card, and the first 5 hours of use are free of charge. Thereafter, your credit card will be charged 5 NIS per hour up to a maximum of 1500 NIS.
  • Pediatric Emergency Department at the Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital (No. 15)
  • Entrance to the Spencer Building (No. 11)

Entrance for Seeing Eye Dogs

Seeing eye dogs may be brought into all areas of the hospital, including hospital rooms, with the exception of rooms in which invasive or imaging procedures are being performed, for the safety of the patient and those accompanying the patient.


This Declaration was updated January, 2020.