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Guardian (MAOF) Nursing Research Program

The Guardian Nursing Research Program

The Guardian Nursing Research Program was initiated in 2015 to encourage excellence in clinical care and nursing research. The program was a vision of Dr. Hanna Admi and Professor Ehud Klein to promote nursing research. Funding is currently provided through the Department of Nursing and Rambam’s Division of Research.

Applicants must be nurses at Rambam and have Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certification. Their research topic must make substantial contribution to the body of research and knowledge in the field of nursing, and/or provide new insight into clinical nursing, nursing administration and standards, and nursing research. The research is performed as part of the nurse’s daily work. Hence, informed consent must be obtained from patients and/or staff invited to participate in the research.

Nurses have traditionally been the consumers of research. Nursing research is becoming increasingly important worldwide. Evidence-based nursing practice and patient care is foundational for quality nursing care. Hence, Rambam Health Care Campus is proud to support nurses in pursuit of the research critical to the future of nursing.

2015 Awardees

  • Hagar Baruch, MA
  • Limor Chen, MA
  • Anna Karminsky, MA
  • Carmit Shteinberg, MA
  • Alex Tansky, MA

2016 Awardees

  • Beata Miller, MA
  • Khalil Namora, MA
  • Dmitry Rozenfeld, MA
  • Dmitry Rozenfeld, MA and Yael Safran, MA (Joint Research)
  • Mor Saban, MA

2017 Awardees

  • Ahlam Hijaze, MA
  • Miri Katz, MA
  • Pazit Gelber, MA
  • Adnan Halil, MA
  • Shoshana Mordechaiev, MA