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Clinical and Research Microbiome Center at Rambam

The human microbiome, a whole genome of microorganisms that has evolved within human beings in silent homeostasis, is a critical piece in the puzzle of human health.
The Clinical and Research Microbiome Center was established with the goal of expanding knowledge regarding the human microbiome and its role in the promotion of health and disease. Ultimately we aim to pursue the search for paths of possible medical intervention to restore and maintain the balance between humans and microbes.

In less than a decade, the microbiome has become a common scientific target in a variety of medical fields. Clinical experts meet with sequencing and bioinformatic technologies, to answer questions that take into account the interactions between the immune system, the microbiome in different parts of the body, and their role in the disease-health process. 
Learning the complexity of this ecosystem is crucial, and we aim to facilitate the interdisciplinary network between scientists and professional experts.

The Microbiome as a Source of Information

The Clinical and Research Microbiome Center stores a collection of samples (stool, saliva, vaginal fluid, skin swabs, etc.) obtained from consenting individuals.. Clinicians and researchers use sequencing and bioinformatic  technologiesto learn more about the relationship between the host, the microbiome and the environment, and to identify possible therapeutic targets, both disease oriented and individualized.

Therapeutic Microbiome

The gut and vaginal microbiomes from healthy individuals have been used therapeutically to restore unbalanced microbiomes. Classic examples are fecal microbiome transplants (FMT) for Clostridioides difficile infection, and vaginal microbiome transplants (VMT) to treat bacterial vaginosis.
At the Clinical and Research Microbiome Center, stool donors are thoroughly screened for potential transmissible diseases and FMT therapy is administered orally (as capsules) for treating patients with resistant organisms, or in the context of specific clinical studies.
We believe in multi-disciplinary work, and dedicate great effort into promoting collaborations with clinicians and researchers who want to dive into the microbiome world. We offer guidance in the research process, and support on a variety of steps, from specimen collection, storage, and sequencing to bioinformatic analysis.


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Milena Pitashny, MD

Director of the Clinical and Research Microbiome Center at Rambam

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