Professor Zohar Keidar

Professor Zohar Keidar

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Dr. Zohar Keidar is an Associate Clinical Professor at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and the Director of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Rambam Health Care Campus.

Dr. Keidar received his MD and PhD degrees from the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and is a graduate of the Nuclear Medicine Residency Program at Rambam. In his PhD thesis, Dr. Keidar investigated the role of quantitative bone SPECT (QBS) for prediction of bone loss and pain palliation in bone metastases. His main areas of research interest include: PET and PET/CT for diagnosis and treatment of patients with infection and inflammation, with special emphasis on assessment of vascular grafts, diabetic osteopathies and fever of unknown origin.

Dr. Keidar also specializes in the new technology of SPECT/high-resolution CT and the development of cardiac, endocrine and oncologic applications, and is involved in the assessment of novel imaging technologies. Dr. Keidar serves as the leading investigator of advanced technology projects in the field of nuclear medicine in collaboration with the imaging industry.

These projects are currently serve as the state of the art imaging modalities worldwide. He is a member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine of North America and the European association of Nuclear Medicine. Dr. Keidar is the author of about 100 scientific articles and 5 book chapters, published in the international literature.

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