Laboratory Services Division

תמונה ראשית-אגף מעבדות

Laboratory Services Division

The Laboratory Services Division at Rambam Health Care Campus performs a wide range of laboratory tests as part of the medical diagnostic processes, a critical component of quality patient care in the hospital setting. Tests are carried out in several dedicated laboratories, including: the Biochemistry Lab, the Hematology Lab, the Urgent Testing Lab, the Blood Bank, and Labs for Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Endocrinology, Toxicology, Genetics, Bone marrow transplantation, Cytology, and Pathology. Recently, the In vitro Fertilization Lab was also included in the Laboratory Services Division. The division also provides specialized blood testing services to the general public, as well as to medical centers located mainly in the northern part of Israel. The division performs some 12 million tests annually.

The division is committed to the development and improvement of laboratory technology and services, and to making available new and improved tests, therefore improving clinical diagnostics.

The division maintains a comprehensive quality control system, and the laboratories comply either with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 or with the Internal Standard for Medical Laboratories 15189. The laboratories are checked annually by the Standards Institute or another authorized external agency to evaluate their compliance and to extend their professional certification.

Rambam's Laboratory Services Division supports Rambam's core missions of patient care, education, and research. In addition to supplying the entire range of standard tests, the division develops new tests and carries out clinical and basic research in cooperation with hospital physicians and researchers from the Technion's Faculty of Medicine and the Rappaport Institute for Research in the Medical Sciences, as well as with biotechnology companies. Being an academic entity, the division is involved in educating clinical laboratory students, medical students, residents and fellows of the Technion.

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