General Surgery Section

Professor Ahmad Mahajna

Phone number of Professor Ahmad Mahajna04-7771831

Dr. Mahajna is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. After serving as a physician in the General Intensive Care Department, he obtained clinical training in General Surgery at the Department of Surgery A in Rambam Medical Center. He then completed a clinical fellowship program at the Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery in Bordeaux,
Upon his return to Haifa, Dr. Mahajna was appointed attending surgeon in the Department of Surgery A in Rambam Health Care Campus and joined the laparoscopic

His main field of interest is Digestive Laparoscopic
Dr. Mahajna has earned a number of honors and awards including the “H. Malvitsky, Research Fellowship Award, Israel Cancer Association Fellowship Award, and the AMIF (Association Medicines Israeli Francaise) Fellowship Award.
He is involved in teaching and research activities. He participates in basic research at the laboratory of shock and trauma research and developed a model of abdominal compartment syndrome in rats. In addition, he leads clinical studies and serves as an instructor of students and advisor on residents' . His paper on rubber bullet injuries was published in the "Lancet theses".