Professor Eytan Blumenthal

Professor Eytan Blumenthal

Phone number of Professor Eytan Blumenthal04-7772668

Professor Eytan Blumenthal is the Director of the Department of Ophthalmology at Rambam Health Care Campus

Professor Blumenthal graduated (with honors) from the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem. After completing an Ophthalmology residency at the Hadassah University Hospital, Professor Blumenthal continued to specialize in glaucoma at the Shiley Eye Institute at UCSD, one of the top glaucoma centers worldwide.

Professor Blumenthal specializes in the treatment and surgery of difficult glaucoma and cataract cases. Such patients are referred from all over the country and abroad. His major research interests include glaucoma, diagnostic technology in glaucoma, and developing diagnostic and surgical devices.

Amongst his research achievements, are a lens used for laser treatment after glaucoma surgery, and a device used during filtration surgery. His research focuses on improving surgical techniques in complex cases.

As the Director of the Ophthalmology Department at the Rambam Health Care Center, Professor Blumenthal leads a team of experts in all fields of Ophthalmology. Patients choosing Rambam's Ophthalmology Department will find a professional, skilled and compassionate staff, utilizing cutting-edge technology.
  • Research area:Ophthalmology
  • Key Word:Glaucoma, Cataract, Surgical techniques, Diagnostic devices
  • Category:Clinical Research
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