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Dr. Simon Vulfsons

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Dr. Simon Vulfsons is Director of the Institute for Pain Medicine at Rambam Health Care Campus.
Dr. Vulfsons graduated from the Hadassah School of Medicine in 1984. After his internship year in Hadassah in 1985 he worked and studied for 5 years specializing in the emerging field of pain medicine. This was after he had personally encountered the devastating effects of chronic pain while travelling with his wife in the Far East.
With new knowledge in acupuncture, hypnosis and manual therapy, he specialized in Internal Medicine in Rambam between t 1991-1995. It was during these years that he started working under Prof. Elon Eisenberg's guidance in the rapidly expanding pain clinic in Rambam. In 1996 he joined the pain clinic as a senior physician, and in parallel opened a community based primary care clinic in Karmiel.
For the next 12 years, Dr. Vulfsons developed a complete training program for primary care physicians in the field of pain medicine. This program would enable primary care physicians to deal with and treat the vast majority of patients with complaints of acute and chronic pain.
In 2004, Dr. Vulfsons left the Rambam pain clinic in order to dedicate himself to community care, but during the following 5 years he continued to teach Technion medical students in the field of pain medicine on a voluntary basis.
In 2009, He closed his primary care clinic and returned to Rambam, as the full time Deputy Director of the Rambam Pain Unit.
Also in 2009 Dr. Vulfsons established the Rambam School of Pain Medicine, developing courses and training for physicians and paramedical staff in the field of diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and chronic pain. To date over 200 doctors have undergone extensive training in courses dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of pain, especially chronic pain. Dr. Vulfsons established a diploma status for physicians undergoing a full 2 year program with practicum.
In 2013 Dr. Vulfsons was appointed as the Director of the Rambam Institute for Pain Medicine. Since then the institute has grown in response to the increased demand for help from patients suffering from pain.
Dr. Vulfsons has been pivotal in the Israeli Society for Musculoskeletal Medicine, firstly as a founding father of this field, then as a longstanding chairman of the Israel Musculoskeletal Society and in September 2014 he was elected the President of the International Federation for Musculoskeletal Medicine.

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