Department of Ophthalmology

Dr. Dalia Dori

Phone number of Dr. Dalia Dori04-7772668

Dr Dalia Dori is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and trained in ophthalmology at Rambam Medical Center.
She completed a clinical and surgical fellowship in vitreo- retinal diseases at the University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland, during 1999-2000.

Dr. Dori serves as a senior ophthalmologist in the Department of Ophthalmology at Rambam Medical Center.
She primarily treats patients with a variety of retinal disorders, particularly age related macular degeneration, diabetes mellitus, obstructive diseases of the retinal blood vessels, etc. Among the major treatments she performs are laser treatments, photodynamic therapy, intravitreal injections and vitreo-retinal operations.

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