Message from Professor Rafi Beyar, President, International Friends Associations of Rambam Health Care Campus

Message from Professor Rafi Beyar, President, International Friends Associations of Rambam Health Care Campus

Director's Message

It has been a wonderful 13-year journey serving as the Director and CEO of Rambam Health Care Campus. A lot has been accomplished and our dreams have become reality – yet the journey goes on. I congratulate Dr. Michael Halberthal for taking the lead and continuing this mission for the health, medical innovation, and security of Northern Israel.

Rafi Beyar, MD, DSc, MPH
President, International Friends Associations of Rambam Health Care Campus

It is an honor and privilege for me to continue serving this amazing medical campus in my current role as the President of the International Friends Associations of Rambam Health Care Campus.

The task set before me is exciting and challenging – to do everything in my power to support the work of Rambam’s superb leadership team, to be a personal point of contact for our friends, and to expand our circle of friends around the world by supporting Rambam’s critical role in the health and security of the people of Israel. Rambam was recently ranked by Newsweek as one of the top hospitals in Israel, and the drive for quality improvement in patient care, medical education, innovations, and research, and top class facilities continues. Rambam is the backbone of security for Northern Israel. To that end, we are seeking partners at every level to help us complete some high impact key projects.

Inspired by lessons learned from the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital was completed in 2014. Currently, the underground hospital is disguised as an underground parking lot. However, within 72 hours, it converts into a fully operational hospital secured against missile and chemical weapons attacks. Drills and training are ensuring the ability to care for patients in a safe environment, and the drive for funding continues so that we can maintain and properly equip this one-of-a-kind structure. Given the volatility of our northern border, and Hezbollah's massive tunnel project, absolute readiness is not an option.

Heart disease remains one of the greatest health threats worldwide, and in Israel. The finishing touches of the outside structure for the Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital will soon be completed. Phase 2 will begin shortly, and there are numerous naming opportunities for facilities in what will be the only comprehensive cardiovascular hospital in Northern Israel, providing state-of-the-art care to our patients, and a new top-class home for Rambam's premier cardiovascular research program.

A leading project with a huge potential impact on medicine, the local community, Israel, and the world, is Helmsley Health Discovery Tower. This represents a unique collaboration between Rambam, University of Haifa, and the Technion – serving as a hub for the integration of clinical care, biomedical research, health innovations, and the med tech industry.

Rambam has many other needs, including advanced imaging and therapeutic equipment for our patients, educational grants, research advancement, and many other projects of high medical impact.

Nothing can be more rewarding than a partnership focused on a robust medical infrastructure that will impact generations to come in both Israel and worldwide. Explore these pages for more information, or contact us to discuss an opportunity that meets your ideals for the world of medicine.