Harvey and Gloria Kaylie

| by: Rambam
​Harvey and Gloria Kaylie

Rambam Health Care Campus is proud and honored to bestow the 2017 Rambam Award upon Harvey and Gloria Kaylie in recognition of Harvey’s pioneering work in electronics, presciently establishing one of the first electronics firm branches in northern Israel (Ravon Electronics); their establishment of the Harvey & Gloria Kaylie Foundation, providing social services for the Jewish community both in the United States and Israel, and supporting Jewish educational and religious institutions; and their donation of the Kaylie Kidney Health Center of Excellence at Rambam Health Care Campus—bringing healing to people with kidney disease in Northern Israel and worldwide for generations to come.

The Kaylies have made a permanent impact on the nation of Israel and the Jewish community in the United States. Since the 1970s, Harvey has made a prestigious and economic impact on Israel through the success of Ravon Electronics, a branch of
the 1969-founded company Mini-Circuits Inc., of which Harvey was President. With Gloria by his side in spirit and in deed, Harvey made the company a global leader in radio frequency and microwave signal processing components.

However, this was just the start. Throughout their lives the Kaylies have made giving a priority. Today, their philanthropy has helped young people with developmental disabilities integrate with their peers via Camp Kaylie; benefitted Jewish education through support of Yeshiva University, Yeshiva Har Torah, and a variety of Jewish Federations; and they have impacted social services and health care in Israel. Their most recent donation for establishment of the Kaylie Kidney Health Center of Excellence at Rambam Health Care Campus will facilitate innovative kidney research—impacting kidney health at a global level, and ensuring the best possible medical care for kidney patients in Israel’s northern region.

In acknowledgement of all the aforesaid, the Honorary Awards Committee has found Harvey and Gloria Kaylie deserving of the 2017 Rambam Award.​