Rambam Summit 2017

Opening Address for the 2017 Rambam Summit

Opening Address for the 2017 Rambam Summit

Esteemed friends, and the greater Rambam family,

Welcome to the Rambam Summit, where medicine, technology, and humanity intertwine.​​ This year's summit, spearheaded by Professor Karl Skorecki and joined by Dr Assadi, Dr. Magen, and Dr. Baris, revolves around the kidney, especially its role literally and symbolically in the balance we all seek for good health and well-being, individually and globally.​​​
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Swim From The Heart

June 9, 2017, Cape Carmel, Haifa Bay

Hundreds of swimmers from Israel and around the world patricipated in the Second International ​Swim from the Heart meet in Haifa, Israel on Friday, June 2, 2017.
Swim from the Heart was established to raise awareness and critical research funds to predict and prevent Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) in children and young adults—a major cause of natural death worldwide.

Inspired by open-water swimmers in Northern California and Israel, participants gave their strength, passion, and resources to swim in one of four heats in the Haifa Bay—all in support of SCD research at Rambam. ​

Donate from your heart to prevent Sudden Cardiac Death>​